Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Google Revolution Scam!

This is about the new "GoogleRevolution" Scam which claims you can make up to $943.00 per day on Google!

Hey Kids! Make loads of money with this big SECRET information package that can be yours for only 1.87! I'll tell you what sort of load you'll get...A load of bull. Some person has put up this site to get people to pay them vast amounts of money to show them exactly what they can get free by asking the Google company itself about their products, which are FREE to all Google subscribers. Google Users can access Google Blogger (You're accessing it NOW! And so am I) Google AdSense and Google AdWords, as well as Craig's List and Share Sale, Commission Junction and Clickbank anytime. All of these services are free. You don't have to be a genius, just a capable researcher, to use them. Basically what Google Revolution.com is doing is selling free information to the unwary public. After they get your credit card numbers all hell breaks loose!

Basically what happens is you click on their ad (which they say is recommended by Google, MSN, NBC, and others,) then a little site comes up telling you that only a few worthy individuals will be able to buy into this product at a price of $1.87...see if you qualify! How do you qualify? By giving them your info and your credit card number! Once they get that, another site comes up screaming YOU'RE APPROVED! Welcome to your 7 day "free trial" of Google Revolution! If you try to click off this page a robotic "chat request" comes up where a non-entity tries to tell you it is a real person named Rebbecca who wants to tell you all you'll miss by not proceeding on to their site. The person is not real. You won't be "chatting" with anyone. There is no indication up front that the whole thing was a "free trial" (Free for a $1.87 and a lot of headaches). There is absolutely nothing to tell you how much the real-deal will cost or how fast they will take your money from your bank account after seven days. There is no cancellation page. And you get no indication they just sent you an email with a username and password on it.

If you choose to go on you are given over to a site that is the GoogleRevolution.com site. There they tell you what I just told you above about Google products. Except they add a little video about how to get started writing blogs which is narrated by an extremely irritating person who keeps breathing hard into their microphone. Obviously not a pro. They tell you up front that all this info is free from Google anyway. But that they will help you attain the ability to market yourself and your blog to the minions, put ads on the blogs and thereby make startling commissions and sales kick-backs. One person touts making up to five thousand a month. the hitch is your blog needs to be about something, let's say BBQ recipes. Then you put ads on your blog for BBQ sauces, Supplies, Cookwear, BBQ events, etc. this attracts customers to your blog. they click on the ads, and hey presto! You are now a marketing giant. the same scam exists right now for "Make Money Using Ebay." Anything you want to do on Ebay, Ebay will tell you FOR FREE. Same with Google.

Well I am here to tell you. I've been on-line since it began years ago. I blog, I write, I market, I put affiliate ads on my site. I am not earning one penny. It's a hard row. This is no Easy Money life working on the Internet. You need time, money, skills and a desire to muddle through huge amounts of extraneous, irrelevant information to make money on the Net. Yes, the GoogleRevolution people give a couple of helpful hints, but nothing you cannot get for free by Googling for info. the worst part of the scam is, once they get your credit info they CHARGE YOU, as they did me, upwards to $90.00 or more PER MONTH! And it is decidedly difficult to get them to stop. Some people have even had to cancel their debit, ATM or credit cards! the $1.87 quickly turns into a lot more. And it simply is not worth it. The info they are giving is free. It's just a scam for them to make a LOT of money easily within a few minutes...imagine a thousand people in one day giving a 1.87! That's nearly two grand in their pockets simply because you clicked on their ad! Oh yeah! THEY'VE found a cash cow. By bilking people out of their hard earned wages for doing next to nothing, by doing what they are telling you to do, do a blog, build a site, get affiliates, get ads, get paid!

This is an old, old scam. It started with the first offerings to get information through the U.S. Mails. Someone would put an ad in the paper or in a mailer. "Lose Weight Guaranteed! Absolutely Works! Send $1.00 to: etc. etc. When you send in the dollar, they send you a little letter which says: "Stop eating so much!" See? They gave you valuable information for your dollar. So it wasn't a mail fraud scam! They just told you what you already knew! And these people made hundreds of thousands in the old days (that's millions to you and me in the 2000's!)

I am sure they have all sorts of other goodies too. One I know for sure is the "We'll help you buy your own domain name!" Scam. The other is "Do People's Taxes and Make Money by downloading our tax accountant software!" Scam. Both come up before you ever see the Google Revolution Site. And they both cost a lot of money you might not have. You might click on it thinking it's part of the GoogleRevolution package. It is not.

I'm sure GoogleRevolution has other "Featured Ad Affiliates" all lined up whom you will pay so that they can put an ad on YOUR site, so they get paid!

Right now I am in the process of fighting their first round of baffling bullcrap. They took $73.00 out of my account without even telling me! Nearly drove me into the poorhouse in one fell swoop. Do NOT click on their site. Instead go directly to Google. Get a GoogleMail account. Search AdSense and AdWords and GoogleBlogger for yourself. Google Craig's List and see how that works (and believe me, be very very careful about Craig's Listings...there are many opportunistic predators on there of every stripe! Including it turns out, murderers! I've run into several scam artists out to make big bucks and get people in REAL trouble!)

Do research before going to their site! I googled several blogs decrying the GoogleRevolution Scam site. However no one there told me HOW the scam worked. So Now I am telling you. I have just given you all the info Google Revolution would have given you for free! Of course, you always get what you pay for! Hopefully I just let out some air from the Google Revolution Dot Com Bubble. The Net is FULL of scam artists and email frauds. this is just a new one which looks slick and professional on the surface and is just another mealy mouthed beggar looking for a free ride off the public's ticket on the inside! So Buyer Beware.